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St. Louis Surgical Society founded in 1892
2018-The Opioid Crisis: What Can Surgeons Do?
Michael M. Bottros, MD
Associate Professor of Anesthesiology
Associate Chief, Division of Pain Management
Director, Acute Pain Service
Washington University School of Medicine
St. Louis, Missouri

2017 - Igniting Success as Surgeons and Extinguishing Burnout
Julie A. Freischlag, MD, FRCS, Ed (Hon)
Chief Executive Officer
Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center
Winston-Salem, North Carolina

2016 - What Does "Do Everything" Mean?
Kathleen M. Garcia, MD
Associate Medical Director, Director of Education
Paliative Care
Mercy Clinic, St. Louis

2015 - When You Think Surgery is Futile
Carl Freeman, MD, FACS, Col, USAF, MC
Associate Professor of Surgery
Trauma Medical Director
Director, C-STARS St. Louis
Saint Louis University Hospital, St. Louis

2014 - Complex Abdominal Wall Reconstruction
Speakers will be Drs. Brian Holt, Bruce Kraemer, Omar Guerra.

2013 - Robotic Surgery: Balancing Successes with Cautionary Tales
"Robotic Surgery in Urologic surgery: Data-driven success stories"
      Sameer Siddiqui, MD- Assistant Professor of Surgery at St. Louis University School of Medicine
"Robotics for General Abdominal Surgery: Potential pitfalls and risks versus benefits"
      Michael Awad, MD – Assistant Professor of Surgery at Washington University School of Medicine
"Robotic Surgery: Hospital Perspective"
      David Jacques, MD – Vice President Surgical Services at Barnes-Jewish Hospital

2012 - “Nuts and Bolts of the Missouri Legislative Process. What We Can Do as Surgeons to Affect the Process�
Dr. Steve Slocum, Current President of the Missouri State Medical Association
Jeff Howell, Lobbyist, with the Missouri State Medical Association

2011 - Transcatheter Aortic Valve Repair: What Every General Surgeon Needs to Know: Present and Future
Panel led by Michael Mack, MD from Baylor University
Additional Members of Panel: Ralph Damiano, Jr., MD Cardiothoracic Surgery, John M. Shoenberg Professor, Surgery, Chief of Cardiac Surgery,Washington University School of Medicine And John M. Lasala, MD, PhD, FACC Professor, Medicine, Director, Interventional Cardiology Medical Director, Cardiac Catheterization Lab Washington University School of Medicine

2010 - "Malpractice"
Victor Cotton, MD, JD and Terry Hicks, MD

2009 - "Advances in Reconstructive and Regenerative Surgery, The Saint Louis Story and Lessons Learned in War".
Col David Powers, MD from the University of Maryland
Christian Paletta, MD from Saint Louis University
Randy Sherman, MD, FACS from Cedars Sinai Medical Center

2008 - Breast Imaging: Update on Screening and Diagnostic Evaluation
Dr. Barbara Monsees, Washington University

2007 "Natural Orifice Translumenal Endoscopic Surgery (NOTES): The Next Frontier?"
Jeffrey Ponsky, M.D.


2005 "The Surgeon of the Future"
Thomas Russell, M.D.,FACS


2003 "A National Healthcare System for the USA"
Jay Glasner, M.D., President of the American Public Health Association


2001 "Tough Cases, Tough Choices"
Jeffrey Moley, M.D., Guest Moderator
Jay Piccarillo, M.D.
Richard Pennell, M.D.
Marc J. Shapiro, M.D.

2000 "Rectal Carcinoma: Multi-modality Therapy"
Bruce Wolf, M.D., Guest Moderator
Walter Longo, M.D.
Robert Myerson, M.D.
Thomas Reed, M.D.

1999 "Lichtenstein Tension-free Hernioplasty"
Parvis K. Amid, M.D., Guest Moderator
James Scott, M.D.
Paul Meiners, M.D.

1998 "Controversies In Breast Cancer Management"
Timothy J. Eberlein, M.D., Guest Moderator
Pond Kelemen, M.D.
Carlos Perez, M.D.
Gerald Doherty, M.D.

1997 "Nutrition"
Edward Churchill, M.D.,

1996 "Ethics in Medicine"
Robert Smith, M.D., Guest Moderator
Diane Radford, M.D.
Charles Andrus, M.D.
Reverend Kevin O'Rourke


1994 "Endoluminal Vascular Grafts: A Wave of the Future"
Johnny Parodi, M.D., Guest Moderator
Michael D. Darcy, M.D.
Thomas Donahue, M.D.

1993 "The Genetic Basis of Breast Cancer"
Diane Radford, M.D., Guest Moderator
Helen Donis-Keller, PhD.
Joanne Mortimer, M.D.

1992 "The Use of Monoclonal Antibodies in Gram Negative Sepsis"
R. Phillip Dellinger, M.D., Guest Moderator
Robert Taylor, M.D.
Palmer Q. Bessey, M.D.

1991 "Blood Transfusion: Indications, Risks, and Alternatives"
John A. Collins, M.D., Guest Moderator
Parveen Ahmed, M.D.
Donald J. Kennedy, M.D.

1990 "Recent Trends in the Management of Biliary Tract Disease"
Nathaniel Soper, M.D., Guest Moderator
Karl Zucker, M.D. (Guest Discussant)
Stephen Edmundowicz, M.D.

1989 "Anesthesia In The 1990's"
Theodore Stanley, M.D., Guest Moderator
John F. Schweiss, M.D.
Paul F. White, Ph.D., M.D

1988 "An Update on Surgical Treatment of Recurrent Cancer"
William L. Donegan, M.D., Guest Moderator
Frank E. Johnson, M.D.
Marvin J. Lopez, M.D.

1987 "The Effect of Heahh Care Legislation on the Practice of Surgery"
Oliver Beahrs M.D., Guest Moderator chk sp
Frank E. Johnson, M.D.
Marvin J. Lopez, M.D.

1986 "Surgical Training"
J. Roland Folse, M.D., Guest Moderator
Samuel A. Wells, Jr., M.D.
Donald L. Kaminski, M.D.

1985 "AIDS: A Surgeon's Responsibility"
David Henderson, M.D.. Guest Moderator
Laurence A. Sherman, M.D.
Jacob P. Sosna, M.D.

1984 "Organ Transplantation"
Charles B. Anderson, M.D.,
Moderator John E. Codd, M.D.
Charles B. Anderson, M.D.
M. Wayne Flye, M.D., Ph. D.
Paul J. Garvin, M.D.

1983 "Who Takes Can of the Patient with Sequential Organ Failure"
Stephen Ayres, M.D., Guest Moderator
John B. Downs, M.D.
William D. Owens. M.D
Christopher Veremakis, M.D.

1982 "What's New in Endocrine Surgery"
Samuel A. Wells. Jr., M.D., Guest Moderator
Stanley R. Friesen, M.D.
Edwin Kaplan, M.D.
Lawrence W. O'Neal, M.D.

1981 "Surgical Infection"
Hiram C. Polk, Jr., M.D., Guest Moderator
Richard E. Clark, M.D.
J. Joseph Marr, M.D.

1980 "The 'Cancer' Operation"
John S. Spratt, M.D., Guest Moderator
Gordon W. Philpott, M.D.
Frank E. Johnson, M.D.
Dennis Shermeta, M.D.

1979 "To Peep or Not to Peep"
Watts R. Webb, M.D., Guest Moderator
William D. Owens, M.D.
Charles W. Otto, M.D.

1978 "Nutrition of the Surgical Patient"
Stanley Dudrick, M.D. Guest Moderator
Donald L. Kaminski, M.D.
Edward Ethredge, M.D.
Vatche Ayvazian, M.D.

1977 "Current Status of Myocardial Revascularization"
Robert Frye, M.D., Guest Moderator chk sp
Robert Roberts, M.D.
Clarence S. Weldon, M.D.
Hendrick B. Barrier, M.D.

1976 "Micro-Surgery"
Julius Jacobson, M.D., Guest Moderator
Harold Kleinert, M.D.,
Special Guest Lecturer on the Hand Clark Watts, M.D.
Sherman Silber, M.D.
William Shieber, M.D.

1975 "Thrombophlebitis"
Marion DeWeese, M.D., Guest Moderator
Arthur I. Auer, M.D.
Tom Covey, M.D.
Fdward Coleman, M.D.
James W. Debnam, Jr., M.D.

1974 "The Treatment of Soft Tissue Sarcomas"
Lauren Ackerman, M.D., Guest Moderator
Robert Benjamin, M.D.
William Powers, M.D.
Francis X. Paletta, Sr., M.D.

1973 "Surgical Infections"
Harvey Bernard, M.D.. Guest Moderator
J. Wesley Alexander, MD.
R. William Burmeister, M.D.
Richard Clark, M.D.

1972 "Ventilatory Assistance"
Richard M. Peters, M.D., Guest Moderator
Henrik Benedixen, M.D.
Robert Senior, M.D.

1971 "Abdominal Trauma"
Robert J. Freeark, M.D., Guest Moderator
John Collins, M.D.
Raymond M. Kellner, Jr., M.D.
Helen Redman, M.D.

1970 "The Thyroid Nodule"
Oliver H. Beahrs, M.D., Guest Moderator
Edgar L. Frazell, M.D.
J. Beach Hazard, M.D.
Thomas F. Frawley, M.D.

W. Dean Warren, M.D., Guest Moderator
Thomas C. Chalmers, M.D.
Manuel Viamonte, M.D
Leo V. Mulligan, M.D.

1968 "Inflammatory Diseases of the Colon"
Rupert B. Turnbull, Jr., M.D., Guest Moderator
Richard H. Marshak, M.D.
Rudolph J. Moer, M.D.
Malcom Peterson, M.D.

1967 "Air Force Medical Service Activities in Vietnam"
Col. David C. Campbell, Jr., USAFMC
Maj. Henry J. Schmitt, Jr., USAFMC
Maj. Frank Camp, USAFMC

1966 "Present Day Concepts in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Carcinoma of the Cervix"
James W. Reagan, M.D., Guest Moderator
James Nolan, M.D.
Eugene M. Bricker, M.D.
Denis Cavanagh, M.D.

1965 "Occlusive Renal Vascular Disease"
F. Hartwell Harrison, M.D., Guest Moderator
George E. Shreiner, M.D.
James M. Stokes, M.D

1964 "Tissue and Organ Transplantation"
Joseph Edward Murray, M.D., Guest Moderator
Vallee L. Willman, M.D.
William T. Newton, M.D.

1963 "A Selective Approach to the Treatment of Peptic Ulcer"
Edward R. Woodward, M.D., Guest Moderator
Carl E. Lischer, M.D.
Edward D. Kinsella, M.D.
John H. Landor, M.D.

1962 "Ulcerogenic Turnors"
Edwin H. Ellison, M.D., Guest Moderator
William A. Knight, Jr., M.D.
Paul E. Lacy, M.D.

1961 "Fractures and Their Complications"
Preston A. Wade, M.D., Guest Moderator
Robert E. Funsch, M.D.
Jerome J. Gilden, M.D.
George E. Scheer, M.D.
Arthur H. Stein, Jr., M.D.

1960 "Pediatric Surgery"
Ovar Swenson, M.D., Guest Moderator
Thomas H. Burford, M.D.
C. Rollins Hanlon, M.D.
J. Eugene Lewis, Jr., M.D.

1959 "Current Concepts of Breast Cancer"
John P. Wyatt, M.D., Guest Moderator
Samuel G. Taylor III, M.D., Guest Panelist
Jerome A. Urban, M.D., Guest Panelist
Bo I. Tomberg, M.D.
Don C. Weir, M.D.

1958 "The Adrenal Cortex"
James D. Hardy, M.D., Guest Moderator
Ralph A. Kinsella, Jr., M.D.
Lawrence W. O'Neal, M.D.
Henry G. Schwartz, M.D.
Austin R. Sharp, M.D.

1957 "The Significance of Changes in Certain Aspects of Surgical Infections"
William R Sandusky, M.D., Guest Moderator
Drummond Bowden, M.D.
Justin J. Cordonnier, M.D.
Eric Reiss, M.D.
Herbert C. Sweet, M.D.